Streamline equipment data and documents

Onix Work allows equipment owners, inspectors, and suppliers to digitally share, create and deliver information about equipment. Cooperate in our cloud-based software platform and have everything available 24/7.

Keep equipment safe to use and prevent work accidents
Comply with regulatory requirements and reduce your legal risks
Get rid of manual work processes and save time
Digitize your work processes
User-friendly system and apps
Securely store certificates and documents




Track status and inspection dates of all your lifting and ATEX equipment in one system


Receive and share data with your suppliers and inspectors


Automatic email notifications for your daily tasks and always know when your equipment is due for the next inspection


Save time and money with GPS tracking integrated with ABAX, no more lost equipment

Equipment tagging

Identify equipment fast and seamlessly with our equipment tagging technology. Give instant access to documents and equipment information to everyone.

Tag equipment with:
  • QR codes
  • NFC
  • RFID
  • Cloud solution

  • Collaboration

  • Open API

  • Support

An independent cloud solution

Onix is a completely independent provider of this service. We do not provide work equipment or related control services. We, therefore, have no interest in "keeping" your content with us - just as it should be.

Collaborating in ways that create value:

The fact that equipment info and documentation can be shared is in itself a great time-saver. Avoiding double registration and backlog will save most people money. But perhaps most important of all, Onix Work is a collaborative platform where "new services" can be offered. For an equipment owner, there will be significant benefits from collaborating with both internal resources and external partners on the equipment - not only control but also maintenance, service, and repairs.

Connect your data with your other tools

Onix Work can be integrated with a system or tool you already use. You can, for example, connect your order system to Onix Work so that sales orders can be automatically generated. This will save you time and money!

Onix Work is more than just a software

You won't have to do it on your own. We at Onix Work are here to assist you with your questions, help you set up your portal, and make sure you're getting the most out of your tools. You will also always be up to date with our training videos, help documentation, and resources.